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Coming Soon – A Cyprus Snake Repellent

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 By John Mason

As some readers of this web site will know already many, many people in Cyprus are frightened of snakes and, despite education, this will probably remain so for several generations.
The worst part is that all snakes suffer from indiscriminate killing, even the harmless ones !!
This is placing all species at risk and especially now the Large Whip Snake (harmless) which is a natural predator, ironically, of the Blunt Nosed Viper which is the only venomous snake in Cyprus that can endanger human life.
Cyprus does not have any natural safe snake repellents available to help people ward off snakes from their homes, business premises and gardens. If the snakes are repelled from the place then everyone is happy, especially the human.
It is a CONSERVATION PROJECT…………it conserves and protects both snakes and humans !!
There are harmful materials that people might use but these are also harmful to the human species !! Environmentally dangerous.
With the knowledge of the biochemistry and ecology of Cyprus snakes over the last 6 months independent research has been undertaken on ancient ethnobotanical archives from the history of the North American Indian Tribes to derive such a product with those attributes. 

It does not involve chemicals only plant extracts.  The plant extracts are safe to humans and everything else.
This is a very important project for Cyprus given the issues that humans have with snakes.
Watch this space……………please join Cyprus Reptiles by initially Registering on this web site.  You will then be contacted by the Membership Manager who will ask you to supply your full name, address and telephone numbers.  There is naturally a small annual membership fee and donations are also welcome to help with the work that Snake George is undertaking.

If you have  a business or commercial  interest in the new snake repellent project then please email mailadmin [at] rochfordessex [dot] net

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