Save Rochford District

from being ruined by the NEW Local Plan

Please join us in campaigning to Save the Green Belt in Rochford District

Save the Green Belt in Rochford District

Please join us in campaigning.

We are campaigning that no more Green Belt should be destroyed to build homes.

It is time to become prepared – watch, see and participate in what the Draft Local Plan could include at this stage in terms of sites and development areas.

If housing targets are not mandatory in future will RDC listen to residents?

If housing targets are not mandatory in future what will RDC do?

We have petitioned for them to challenge the Government but no action has been taken.

Will they listen to residents?


Read this article below………….

FACT CHECK……. has Rochford District Council challenged 7200 more homes?

Rochford is a rural district with very little brownfield land and large areas of Green Belt. 360 homes per year over 20 years (7200) would necessarily require significant development on Green Belt, greenfield land and put enormous strain on local infrastructure to the point of failure.


Our claim that the Council has not challenged the Government Target of 7200 homes in the New local Plan has been has been rejected on social media.




Objection by Betts Farm Action Group

There is a very large “elephant in the room” in the form of Stephenson’s Field which still appears in the consultation as CFS064 in Hockley.


A number of good people who started the Betts Farm Action Group got together to create a report for The Council so when it came to a Public Consultation on Sites this land could be shown by The Council as Undeliverable for Development.


Unfortunately, despite that and political assurances, CFS064 is still in The New Local Plan Consultation for consideration of development, marked deliverable and with a positive assessment on access.

Can Residents call for a Referendum on The New Local Plan?

There are the sounds of despair from residents that The Council Administration will only listen to The Government and not listen and take action called for by residents.

In that case the future of Rochford District is bleak under concrete, cars and pollution.

We have heard local politicians pledge that it will be better this time but it has already slipped towards “it is the Government not the Council”.

It is the future of our District and what Councillors do. No excuses. Residents have a right to be listened to and acted for.

Submissions of Objection to The New Local Plan

When you submit Comments Online to The Spatial Options Public Consultation you receive an Email from The Council with a receipt number and the following text.

“Thank you for your representation, which has been received by Rochford District Council. You will receive further communication confirming your representation in due course.”

We are not sure what “You will receive further communication confirming your representation in due course.” means.

Does it infer that there will be a vetting process?

Does it suggest that submissions may be declined or amended?

Is The RDC Public Consultation on The NEW Local Plan REALLY PUBLIC?

Back in the day anybody could see whatever had been written on such a public consultation at any time.

But this one is different. Residents cannot see what anyone else has submitted.

Why?  What are Councillors worried about?

At a Public Meeting you can hear everything that is said.

People may agree and disagree. Democracy. Transparency.

So this Public Consultation is SECRET.

Will we ever know exactly what has been said?

A sanitised precis perhaps?

Shame on you The Councillors and Senior Officers that approved such SECRECY.

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Infrastructure – The New Rochford District Council Local Plan (7200 houses) will have a SEVERE IMPACT on Highways

RDC Public Consultation – Spatial Options –

Infrastructure – The New Rochford District Council Local Plan (7200 houses) will have a SEVERE IMPACT on Highways

Surely with RDC Councillors having recognised that The Infrastructure cannot cope in Rochford with The Bloor Development known as SER8 then the same must be true around a great deal of our District where they are consulting with residents on the development sites that have been put forward in The Public Consultation on The NEW Local Plan for 7200 houses.

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